Use QuickBooks POS for Restaurant

IPads have become the most popular devices for cloud-based POS systems, such as QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems. The handheld tablets make tableside ordering easy and can provide more accuracy when sending orders to the kitchen. Also, the user-friendly interface is especially convenient when training staff members.

Buy Fast Internet

Most point-of-sale systems require wireless internet. It is fundamental to the business aspect of most restaurants. For example, having strong Wi-Fi allows you to process payments quickly, transmit orders from handheld tablets to the kitchen and track inventory in real time as you sell your menu items.

Choose high-speed internet to handle the necessary bandwidth and provide the appropriate speed to keep POS systems operating smoothly.

Incorporate Mobile Ordering Capabilities

Integrate online and mobile ordering into your business. According to a National Restaurant Association survey, 79% of consumers find ease and convenience in online and mobile ordering. Online and mobile ordering can also improve efficiency and improve your ROI by attracting more consumers led by convenience.

On-the-go, people are attached to their smartphones. So develop a website that is mobile-friendly and integrates interactive features such as online ordering and coupons.

Post and Converse on Social Media

Naturally integrate social media, which keeps customers even further engaged and allows you to interact with them directly. Nine out of 10 restaurateurs acknowledge the importance of social media and its influence when it comes to restaurant marketing. On top of that, a third of users are reported to make their dining decisions based on social media, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Use these social media platforms to your advantage, and engage with your audience to draw in potential guests.

Take Online Reviews Seriously

Online review sites like Yelp have become increasingly popular for customers. Research by DMR reported that this popular review site receives 75 million unique monthly desktop visitors and 66 million monthly unique mobile visitors. Ninety percent of Yelp users make decisions based on positive Yelp reviews. Yelp users also take the time to read reviews, which influences 44% of their informed decisions. An additional 26% are keen to business ratings, followed by 17% that consider the quantity of reviews important.

Encourage your customers to write favorable reviews if they enjoyed their dining experience. Negative reviews are bound to happen. However, this creates an opportunity to receive feedback in real time and appease the unsatisfied customer.

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