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When I graduated with a Bachelor's degree I had stars in my eyes and the world at my feet. I packed up a small car of belongings and moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I shared a tiny prison style bedroom with my older sister, Chardèt.

We immediately started searching for jobs—a task I was sure would take no longer than 30 days. Day after day, application after application, I received nothing back. I kept seeing posts for servers and bartenders, and I figured working in hospitality would be a quick and easy way to make money while I was still searching for my ‘dream job.’ I spent weeks applying once again with no reply. I was confused—I had a college degree, I was young, smart and capable—why was no one replying to my applications?

Frustrated, I started going to open calls to get the attention of hiring managers. By my 20th open call I became desperate. I pleaded with the interviewer, “Please, I need this job. I have eight days to make enough money for rent or I am out of a place to live.”

He looked at me with a half-smile and said, “Okay. I have something you can do, but it’s not bartending or serving. We need someone to control our social media, I will pay you an hour and can offer 20 hours a week.”

Antasha DurbinI gladly accepted—while an hour was hardly enough to cover the iceberg of my post-college expenses, at least it was a start. I started work the next day and I have been working in the service industry ever since.

I quickly learned NYC hospitality is like a Hunger Games race where you are competing against the most beautiful, intelligent, experienced and talented people for a serving or bartending position. Why? Because working as a NYC bartender or server is lucrative, flexible and fun. You meet interesting people during every shift, and network like you’re living in a real life LinkedIn.

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