QuickBooks POS VS cash Register plus

Accounting isn't fun to most people. Volunteers that do this are typically very detail oriented and organized. If you can get an accounting firm to do your books as a pro bono that is great. If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, it is also ideal to get a CPA or accountant on your Board of Directors.

Accounting Software

Quickbooks and Peachtree are probably the most common accounting software packages out there. Once you use one, you will be married to it for life, because it is difficult to transfer data to the other. If you are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you can sometimes find Quickbooks cheaply on TechSoup.

Salesforce.com has a charitable Foundation that provides 10 complimentary licenses of Salesforce.com's CRM tool to qualifying non-profit organizations to help them manage their donors, volunteers, partners, marketing campaigns, donations etc. The complimentary licenses are valued at about $ 14, 400 per year.

Point of Sale

POS and Cash Register Plus integrate with Quickbooks which will make your book keeper happy.

Accrual vs. Cash Basis

Accrual and Cash Basis are two different ways of doing accounting. Cash Basis is easier for smaller organizations, whereas Accrual is required by the IRS of organizations that make over $600k annually or a third-party audit is required by a foundation for larger grants. A very simple example to distinguish the two is that Accrual assumes that checks clear the same day you write them, and that invoices are paid the same day you write them. Whereas with Cash Basis checks are entered in on the date they are cleared, and invoices are entered in on the date they are paid. As a result Accrual accounting requires more effort, but gives you a more accurate month to month report.

Quick and Dirty Cash Basis Accounting

The following is a very simple and 90% automated way of keeping track of the accounting and receipts.

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