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Rapidly launch in just a few days with our setup and training service. On Day 1, we setup your server and synch program and synchronize the data for you. Day 2 you are trained via a phone and web meeting with a IAM QB+eC expert. Enjoy the the benefits of the tightest integration for QB Point of Sale... supported by a staff uniquely dedicated 100% to QuickBooks users. Other companies often misrepresent the level of integration they offer (as well as their familiarity with QB), if any, leaving you high and dry after alot of effort! IA Modules offers you alot more than just a shopping cart, including the most knowledgeable QuickBooks support and development staff you will find anywhere.
  1. Start better - We know you probably don't have alot of time nor an on staff technician. We do the setup work, initial synchronization, and then train you on your system to ensure a minimum of fuss for you.
  2. Configure better - wizards and reports make it far easier to get the same task done than in a generic non QB POS focused platform.
  3. Design better - Very flexible and made for QB POS data
  4. Works better - Our integration is not just made to put stuff in QB. Its made to do it properly and in a reliable fashion, so you really do save time.
  5. Supported better - Our support staff is extremely well versed in QB Point of Sale best practices. As a complete provider, just contact us and we can help you with your synch program, your server, your storefront, your design, the whole stack! You won't have to call 4 different companies and consultants to get a simple problem solved, as is often the case elsewhere.
$125/mo*includes VPS hosting, cart & synch support, updates, SSL2nd Storefront included FREE!
How It Works:Integrate - Day 1 IAM Support setups up synch software, virtual private server, synchronizes data and more...
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale integration automatically synchronizes orders, payments, items and inventory levels, customers, tax codes and more
  • Synchronize on demand by clicking a button or automatically at intervals of your choice.
  • Supports unlimited number of items
  • IAM understands your POS items types (like inventory and service types) and display & handle them accordingly
  • Automatically show up to date price and availablity for each Item and each style variation (different sizes/attributes may have different costs and availability)
  • Easy shipping and backorder support via QuickBooks Point of Sale "Sales Orders"
  • Records payments as deposits with card type
Configure - Day 2 IAM per customer tailored training ( phone and web meeting with instructor )

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