QuickBooks Point of Sale 6.0 user Guide

The QuickBooks Point of Sale Software Development Kit (QBPOS SDK) offers a variety of software libraries, utilities, technical documentation, and samples to help you integrate your application with QuickBooks POS in the shortest possible time. The entire SDK is designed around a single specification—which means that apps designed for one edition of QuickBooks POS can be used with other editions.

How does the SDK communicate with QuickBooks POS?
Communication between your application and Quick Books Point of Sale is based on a client/server model. The application sends a request message to QuickBooks POS, and QuickBooks POS sends back a response.

Which QBPOS products does the SDK support?
The SDK supports version 4.0 R5 and beyond (including versions 5.0 and 6.0) of all QuickBooks POS products: QuickBooks POS Basic, Pro, and Pro Multi-Store.

What's included in the SDK?
The SDK includes the following:

  • The SDK runtime, which allows applications to access QBPOS.
  • The QuickBooks POS Foundation Class (qbposFC) Library, which can simplify your programming efforts.
  • The QuickBooks Web Connector, which provides support for web services desiring to communicate with QuickBooks POS.
  • Test and utility programs to make development easier.
  • The Onscreen Reference, which provides comprehensive syntax-level documentation for all of the SDK requests.
  • Programming documentation to help jump start your efforts.
  • Programming samples that provide clear illustration of performing common tasks.

We consider it our job to provide you with the tools and to make it easy to learn how to use them.

What QBPOS features does the SDK support?
The SDK supports most QuickBooks POS features at the data-access level, such as adding, modifying, or deleting, as appropriate in QBPOS, the central QBPOS documents such as items, purchase orders, customer orders, vouchers, and so forth. The current SDK does not support event notification or user interface integration.

What programming background is required?
The SDK is based on programming standards such as XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and COM (Component Object Module). It works with most common programming languages.

Is the SDK backward- (and forward-) compatible?
Yes, and yes. However, to work with new releases of QBPOS, your application may need to use a new version of the SDK runtime. Also, the SDK cannot predict future features. While current programs will work with future releases of QBPOS, they would need to be revised in order to use new QBPOS or SDK features.

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