Ingenico Payment Services review

Ingenico PaymentsIngenico Payment Services is the new name for Ogone, while Ogone remains the parent company of the Ingenico Group members of which include Easycash, Tunz and Axis. It is a multinational company and there are offices in the UK, the US, Germany, France Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and India.

The group provides three payment platforms which are branded:

  • Ingenico Payment Services (formerly Ogone)
  • Ingenico Mobile Solutions
  • Ingenico Smart Terminals

Ingenico Payment Services specialises in online payments and boasts over 50, 000 businesses across 70 countries.

Online Payments

Ingenico provides three solutions for taking online payments. These are:

Hosted solution

Where the payment processing is carried out on pages hosted on Ingenico servers. The solution is scalable and the merchant can select the specific services he requires at the time; additional services can be bolted on as required. Customers are directed to the Ingenico payment page with a single click where their card information is taken securely. The payment pages are customisable and can be matched to the style of the merchant’s website.

Alias Gateway

With an alias gateway the payment pages are integrated with the merchant’s website which means that the card holder does not leave it during checkout. Credit card details are encrypted and sent for processing to the Ingenico Payment Services servers which are PCI-DSS certified.

Direct Link API solution

This links the Ingenico Payment Services payment function with the merchant’s software. Card details are collected on the merchant’s website site and then sent for authorisation to the Ingenico Payment Services gateway. With this solution the merchant is required to have PCI-DSS compliance.

Mobile Payments

Ingenico provide two solutions for taking mobile payments. These are:

Web based payments

Ingenico supports developers in their creation of mobile web payment pages which redirect customers to the Ingenico payment page for processing the payments. The payment pages are optimised for Android, IOS and Blackberry.

App based payments

Ingenico provides developers with an in-App payment library that makes it easy to embed payment pages in the app so that customers are able to complete their payments in-app without being directed to a browser. Software development kits are available for iOS and Android.

Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) Payments

Debit and credit card payments may be taken over the Ingenico Payment Services virtual terminal via any web browser. No additional hardware or software is required. The terminal includes a range of tools including search payment history, status reports and other real time reporting functions.

E-mail Payment

Ingenico payment buttons can be added to email. The buttons direct customers to Ingenico pay pages for real time payment processing.

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