Aloha POS email reports

POS Link actively counts restaurant sales receipts for QuickBooks as they are created. Dramatically simplify your QuickBooks accounting process by automating everything from entry to reporting.

Accurate Daily Sales Postings

Manage multiple locations through one convenient portal - instant access to real-time QuickBooks sales, expenses, tips, discounts, rebates, gift cards and, of course, tax collected. It’s a set-it and forget-it system designed for Aloha and Micros.

The Mop Up Report

POS Link automatically emails a daily manager report to anyone on your team.

Complete Audit Trail

POS Link produces a complete audit trail from the sales system to QuickBooks, ensuring a level of accuracy unmatched by other data entry methods.

Make Better Decisions

Emails alert your bookkeeping team to new marketing campaigns so that they can be tracked in QuickBooks from day one.

Automates the Most Complicated Sales Postings

Our Automatic Balancer can be set to resolve rounding errors and make line items alternate between debits and credits. If the sales are out of balance, our smart emails point your bookkeeping team towards the reason.

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