Aldelo POS Reviews

PROS / This restaurant management software makes keeping track of inventory easy for your managers and servers.

CONS / Aldelo Touch doesn't include inventory tools for tracking ingredients or kitchen waste.

VERDICT / Although it doesn't have advanced inventory and vendor-management tools, this point-of-sale system for restaurants is a good choice because it's straightforward and easy to use.

Using Aldelo Touch, your servers can transfer orders or split bills with just a couple of button taps so they can accept payments as soon as customers are ready for their bills. In addition to printing receipts, you can also text or email them to your customers. This restaurant POS software allows you to run discounts, and if desired, you can set up permissions for using the discount buttons on the back end. A cash manager and tab-management features also come with this point-of-sale system for restaurants.

You and your managers can access this restaurant management software's back-end features from your tablet or any computer that has a browser and an internet connection. This means you can run a variety of reports, including sales, profits and losses, voids, discounts, and more. You can also view your servers' hours. Aldelo Touch surpasses several of the best restaurant POS systems in its scheduling tools, a feature that many of its competitors lack. Another back-of-house feature worth mentioning is its countdown list, which shows managers and servers a list of the menu items the restaurant is running out of.

Aldelo Touch helps your servers manage their tables and lets them take orders using an iPad. You can add images of your menu items to the app, which is a useful tool for overcoming any language barriers between customer and servers. The restaurant POS software includes the ability to add order modifiers, which helps you deliver orders to your customers' specifications.

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