TouchBistro cash register

Chapter 1. AdvancedTap Advanced to fine tune TouchBistro to your operational specifics. TouchBistro has set the most likely defaults. Under Advanced you can override those defaults. Tap and scroll up on the Advanced settings screen to reveal additional settings.

Section 1. Order Input Custom Settings

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Automatically Proceed to Order Input Screen

Toggle off if you wish TouchBistro to remain on the floor plan screen after choosing the table’s party size.

Return After Printing

By default, after sending an order to the kitchen, you will be returned to the Floor plan screen. Tap to set TouchBistro to send the user to the login screen or tap Disable for no action. Tap Done when selected.

Send All Items From Order Input

If toggled off, the Send All button on the front end Order screen (which will send all items ordered to the appropriate chit printers), will no longer appear. Individual order will then need to be sent via the Course Options icon and sent on a course by course basis.

Open Cash Drawer When Accepting Cash Payments

If you want TouchBistro to be able to open your cash drawer automatically when a cash payment is entered, toggle this on.

Open Cash Drawer When Accepting Credit Payments

If you want TouchBistro to be able to open your cash drawer automatically when a credit card is entered, toggle this on.

Require Auth #

If you’re using an external credit card payment system not integrated into TouchBistro but want to match the system’s authorization numbers with payment information recorded in TouchBistro, toggle this on.

Allow Discounts on Alcohol

Toggle off to prevent any discounts you’ve set up to be applied to items flagged as an alcohol sales category. See Discounts for more information about setting up discounts.

Print and Close from Table

This option only controls the receipt options when you cash out a table. If toggled off, TouchBistro will not display the options to print the receipt.

Show “Email Receipt” option when closing paid order

If you do not want to offer emailed receipts, you can toggle this off.

Auto Close Forced Modifiers

Leave on to speed ordering of items with forced modifiers. If you have items that have a mix of forced and optional modifiers, (for example, burger toppings), you might want to disable this.