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Quickbooks pro 2015 download free

Should I upgrade to the new version of QuickBooks 2015?
If you own QuickBooks 2010 or older, I recommend that you update as soon as possible. There are several features that are’nt included in those older versions that could help you work more efficiently. For example, batch invoicing is a new feature for QuickBooks Pro 2011. This and other features that have been added can help you save time. The most significant change from the 2012 version to 2016 is the user interface. Unfortunately for Intuit, the new user interface for QuickBooks 2016 did not please most QuickBooks users. Some of the features that were left out included a color ribbon, a company color scheme and most users simply didn’t like the interface. After many complaints, QuickBooks added those features through updates of the product.

Which version of QuickBooks Should I Purchase?
The version of QuickBooks you should purchase will depend on your business needs. There are several versions of QuickBooks which are listed below:

QuickBooks Pro: This is the most widely used version of QuickBooks. This software package is more than adequate to handle the financial data of most small businesses. You can use it to pay bill, create invoices, keep track of your inventory and create reports in addition to dozens of other tasks that you.

QuickBooks Premiere: This version can be used for specific industries and it can create industry-specific reports. There is usually a $50 difference between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premiere if you purchase it on Amazon.com. I recommend spending the extra $50 and purchasing QuickBooks Premier because it does more for the money. The industries that this version is tailor-made for is as follows:

  • Contractor – plumber, carpenter, etc.
  • Manufacturing and Wholesaling – A company that builds products from raw materials and sells them to wholesalers and retailers.
  • Nonprofit – Government entity, church, charity
  • Professional Services – doctor, lawyer, dentist
  • Retail – Clothing store, grocery store, etc.
  • General Business

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