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An Accountant's Copy will prevent you from making any changes that may conflict with your client's work. Some fields may be disabled in an Accountant's Copy. In other areas, you may see fields with a highlighted background.
  • Highlighted background: Information you enter in fields with a highlighted background will be included in changes you send back to your client.
  • Without highlighted background: For fields without the highlighted background, you can change the information in the field if it helps you with your work, but that information will not be included in the changes you send back to your client.

  • Accountant (.qba file)What you CAN do:Generally, you can only view lists in an Accountant's Copy, but there are exceptions. You can edit and delete list items, and make any list items you create in the Accountant's Copy inactive. However, ou can For lists with items created on or before the dividing date, you can only view the lists.List
  • Add item to the following list:
  • Class List
  • Customer List
  • Employee List
  • Fixed Asset Item
  • Item List
  • Other Names List
  • Sales Tax Code List (you can't edit or make items on this list inactive)
  • Vendor List
  • Edit items to the following lists:
  • Item List (Although you can edit an item in the Accountant's Copy, you can't change it to another type.)
  • Vendor List
  • Transaction
  • Add, edit and delete most types of transactions dated on or before the dividing date.
  • Add new transactions dated after the diving date.
  • Edit account and tax information for existing items. Tax line mapping cannot be sent back to the client.
  • Temporarily change preferences.
  • Make adjusting entries.
  • Other
  • Print 1099 and 1096 forms in the historical period.
  • Create, adjust, and print 941, 940, and W-2 forms. Adjustments cannot be sent back to the client.
  • Create new reports.
  • Add new customers, vendors, employees, and items. Some exceptions apply and display as disabled fields in the Accountant's Copy.
  • What you CAN’T doList
  • Add, edit, void or delete build assemblies
  • Change the type of an item
  • Delete and merge existing accounts
  • Enter vehicle mileage
  • Payroll

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