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Even before the economy went south, small business people were looking for more in their accounting software than an automated way to crunch numbers. Intuit was up to the challenge. QuickBooks Premier 2010 is the top-of-the-line QuickBooks version for small business (QuickBooks Enterprise, the very tip top of the line, is designed for more complex companies). It builds on the software's intuitive, robust core, answering business needs like saving money and time and how to build on earnings. QuickBooks 2010 provides a clean, understandable framework for all of the financial tasks a company must undertake: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Payroll and Inventory. It provides banking tools and reports, and supplies decision-makers with information that helps them plan for the future. Numerous new internal features and external links in the 2010 version of QuickBooks Premier give you more flexibility and marketing power, and help you save time and money. The software comes in a General Business edition, but you can also choose a version more suited to your industry: Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail. There's also a version designed for accountants. Close competitor Peachtree Premium Accounting also offers a handful of specialized solutions with a similar palette of tools. Setup and Features
Among the newer features of QuickBooks that is immediately evident to both new users and upgraders is Express Install. It streamlines what is usually a lengthy process, and reduces the number of required screens from 15 to six. Setting up your company in QuickBooks, however, remains the same. It uses a wizard to walk you through the groundwork. You enter business contact information and select the type of industry that's appropriate. You'll set up your fiscal year and password, and answer questions that will signal QuickBooks to turn specific tools off and on (like whether you use multiple currencies). You'll also okay the list of accounts that QuickBooks has chosen for your industry. To save aggravation and questions later, click Edit/Preferences once you're in the program and go through the options provided there. Comparatively, Peachtree's initial setup wizard is a bit more abbreviated, but it provides a more thorough setup guide once you've created your company. Once data has been entered, the first place that managers will likely visit every day is the Company Snapshot. This is a one-page overview of finances, represented by graphs and mini-spreadsheets that lay out the bottom line, like Income and Expense Trend, Account Balances, and Top Customers by Sales. Previously, this page was static, but starting with the 2010 version, you can modify the content.

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