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Quickbooks point of sale versions ‹ POS system

Quickbooks point of sale versions

QuickBooks Retail: Point of Sale 2011 is a small business accounting software program developed by Inuit for small retailers. The Point of Sale edition comes in two versions - Basic and Pro. Although the Pro edition comes with more advanced features than the Basic edition, but either edition is recommended for only certain types of retailers. If your retail business doesn’t have a physical location or is a grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, gas station, or full-service restaurant, then you’ll find that the QuickBooks Retail: Point of Sale editions (Basic or Pro) doesn’t come with all the features you need to manage your business.


Like most QuickBooks editions, QuickBooks Retail: Point of Sale is easily installed. An installation wizard will guide you through setup process so that your company can be set up in a matter of minutes. The installation process is essentially the same as other QuickBooks editions, such as QuickBooks Pro 2011 or QuickBooks Premier 2011. If you’ve got experiencing working with these QuickBooks editions, then you’ll have no difficulty setting up your retail business in Point of Sale versions.

Basic Features

  • Bar code scanning available (Pro edition only)

Additional Features

QuickBooks Retail: Point of Sale allows managers to assign system rights to groups of employees to ensure that employees are only able to access areas of the program that they need to do their jobs. There’s also a customizable dashboard that provides current and prior year sales figures so you’ll know where your business stands and can make better staffing and sales forecasts.

The Point of Sale Pro edition can track up to 20 different store locations, including any inventory transfers between the locations. Intuit added touch-screen technology to streamline entering sales information. There are many third party add-ons that can integrate the Point of Sale edition with QuickBooks financial software, such as e-commerce applications to process online orders.

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