QuickBooks Point of Sale mobile sync

In order to utilize the GoPayment feature of QuickBooks POS, you MUST have an Intuit Point of Sale Merchant Account.

If you plan on processing more than $1000.00 a month, I would go with the High Volume Plan, which has a monthly fee, but offers a much better swiped rate. If you would like to upgrade to the High Volume plan, call us and we can arrange it.

QB POS has no real limitations to the number of items that can be added to the Mobile Store - the limitations come from the App and the memory limitations of the phone itself. That being said - you do not want to exceed about 80-85% of the phones capacity. In realistic terms, this means you do not want to sync more than 190-200 items to the phone.

Consider the GoPayment store like a portable version of your store -taking perhaps your best sellers, or just specific items featured at an event or outdoor sale. If your intention is to sync all of your items, such as for a trade show, you need to reconsider.

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