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While you can buy your QuickBooks Point of Sale from anyone, consider buying a fully implemented solution from English Management Solutions, Inc.; your QuickBooks POS Done Right reseller. Unlike other stores you may find on the internet, you receive the experience of a reseller who has worked with over 700 businesses in retail segments as varied as women's high end boutiques to furniture design centers. Unlike other solution providers, we leverage our experience to give you a fixed price for your install.Your fixed price installation includes the following:
Setup workstation computer(s) for use with QuickBooks Point of Sale William English configuring client's hardware.
  • Install QuickBooks Point of Sale on workstation(s)purchased from us including hardware setup and testing.
  • Complete the QuickBooks POS setup interview at Workstation 1 server using our preinstall questionnaire.
  • Import or define data such as inventory, departments, styles, vendors, employees, security, etc. as required based on preinstall questionnaire into Workstation 1. If inventory cannot be imported, instruct contact on data entry of inventory.
  • Train staff as required on QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Financial software procedures to order, receive and sell inventory including data exchange between QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Financial Software. (1 training session of up to 3 hours per location)
  • Prepare QuickBooks Financial Software for data exchange
  • Train staff on additional QuickBooks financial software functions as required to complete the accounting cycle as needed.
  • Provide phone support for 30 days after the go-live date with QuickBooks Point of Sale at the Headquarters location.
Installation, Training & Travel Logistics
Retail LocationInstallation & Training Details
San Diego City & CountyOn-site installation and training.
Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange CountiesPart of your training will be done remotely and a travel surcharge will be added.
Other AreasPart of your training will be done remotely and you will be billed travel, hotel, and meals at cost will be billed in addition to your installation.

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