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QuickBooks Apps October 2015See how QuickBooks apps can automate work tasks and save you time running your business!

Here’s what’s new in U.S. QuickBooks Online apps.

Featured QuickBooks app: Avalara AvaTax

By Diana Waterman, Avalara

Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Online calculates your sales tax based on the latest rules, rates and boundaries. In addition, your sales tax return filing is done automatically.

Error-free tax rate calculations

Avalara AvaTax removes the work of manually calculating sales tax. You always get the accurate rate based on geolocation — not error-prone zip codes — in every one of the over 12, 000 jurisdictions in the United States and nearly 140 countries around the world.

Accurate sales tax is added to the invoice

Avalara AvaTax applies US sales tax calculations as the transaction takes place via a secure, encrypted Internet connection based on the details given in the invoice. After saving the invoice in QuickBooks Online, Avalara’s sales tax engine calculates sales tax based on current rules, rates and boundaries and adds it to the invoice. Avalara validates the customer address before calculating sales tax, giving you peace of mind.

Avalara Returns imports your transaction and tax data, prepares all forms and submits them, along with payments, to the correct taxing authority. All automatically! ACH payments are made on time, every time to every state — never pay a late filing fee again.

Avalara benefits
  • Free trial thru 2015 – unlimited everything!
  • Avalara Returns guarantee – it’s always accurate and on-time or we pay the penalty and interests
  • 60-day no worries, money back guarantee
  • A Service Provider certified by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board
Unlimited sales tax calculations and return filings thru December 31st

Sign up now, and you’ll get free unlimited sales tax return filing and calculation through the end of 2015. There’s never been a better time to automate.

New QuickBooks apps

Here’s the newest batch of apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Bigcommerce for QuickBooks Online
Easily sell online, sync your sales data directly to QuickBooks, and eliminate manual bookkeeping errors. The app is free!

Projector PSA
Schedule projects, track time and expenses, and view visual dashboards to keep tabs on KPIs in professional service organizations.

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