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The following changes, improvements, and fixes were made to QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2014 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 14.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases

Account passwords to protect sensitive information All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on, or whose QuickBooks Desktop file contains sensitive data such as credit card data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be asked to set up a password.All users who have the "Credit Card Protection" feature on and can view full credit card data will be asked to your change password every 90 days.Security updates to QuickBooks SDK SDK apps that require background access to QuickBooks Desktop will need to have credentials regenerated for the app. Credentials will get regenerated once users who need access to the app login to QuickBooks Desktop.If the password for QuickBooks Desktop changes, a new application is added or access levels of an application are changed – this would also require users who need app access to login.Loan Manager: Fixed an issue that caused loan manager to go missing from the banking menu.QuickBooks Desktop is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability. This will help to verify that the person attempting to access an account is authorized.
All users who have the "credit card protection" feature on, or have credit card data in their QuickBooks Desktop company file, will be asked to set up a password, if they do not already have one. Furthermore, the administrator account holder will be notified if users have not set up a password. This will give the administrator account holder the ability to recommend that users create a password, or to assign a password directly to these users. This will enable you to enhance security by requiring that all users with access to the system use appropriate security credentials.Compliance. QuickBooks Desktop includes the latest Canadian payroll tax tablesExcel (Send reports to Excel). Fixed an issue that caused a display error when opening Excel through the Lead Center.Printing. Fixed an issue where the Print option was not available in open reportsUtilities. Fixed an issue that caused the error "Verify Customer Message list. Duplicate name encountered."Reports. Fixed an issue causing sub-items to not show on inventory reports. Fixed an issue causing truncated information on printed reportsSDK. Fixed a SDK issue with users running Windows XP

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