Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale software Pro version 10

Rates and fees below reflect current information as of October 27, 2015.

1. SCOPE. These pricing terms apply to customers who: (a) entered into a Merchant Agreement with us on or before August 1, 2014; (b) use Intuit Point of Sale software, version 10 or below; (c) use Intuit Point of Sale software, version 11 prior to February 15, 2015 unless you were notified of an upgrade to standard pricing; (d) use QuickBooks for Mac; or (e) signed up for our service via one of our authorized partners where the customer was notified of applicable pricing. If you are any of the above customers, this pricing schedule applies to you, and you are considered a "Legacy Customer."

The Merchant Agreement that you previously agreed is being replaced by a newer version of the Merchant Agreement at: (“Merchant Agreement”). Such Merchant Agreement applies regardless of when you signed up for the service. To the extent this pricing schedule conflicts with the Merchant Agreement, this pricing schedule controls. Otherwise, this pricing schedule is subject to the terms of the updated Merchant Agreement. By continuing to use our service, you agree to the terms of the updated Merchant Agreement and this pricing schedule.

This pricing schedule provides the rates and fees that apply to your use of QuickBooks payments, ACH (electronic bank payment/e-Invoicing) and other payment processing services (collectively "Services") and is part of your Merchant Agreement with Intuit Inc., Intuit Payment Solutions, LLC and/or its subsidiaries and affiiates

2. QUALIFIED PRICING. The following rates and fees below apply to all Discover, JCB, MasterCard ("MC"), Visa and American Express credit cards and debit cards (including PINless transactions).

PIN Debit Transactions. Fees for debit transactions are set forth below and in the Merchant Application. These transactions occur when a card is accepted for payment which is linked to a checking or savings account and authorized by the cardholder solely by entering his personal identification number ("PIN"). Merchants whose customers use PIN debits are charged 1.45% of the transaction amount plus $0.25 cents per transaction and the miscellaneous fees set forth in Section 4.

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