Ingenico iwl2xx wireless Series user Guide

Wireless Terminal Solutions have created a unique user guide that is supplied with each card payment terminal order. This gives our customers a full breakdown of everything you will need to know on the credit/debit card machine you are using. The user guide has been developed using feedback from our valued customers highlighting the key features that card terminal users may need assistance with.

We will supply a unique supervisor password on the actual user guide allowing access to certain areas of the payment machine (ie refunds, end of day banking etc).

The user guide is generic and will work for all charge card terminals types that we offer whether it be mobile/GPRS, handheld, wi-fi or countertop versions. Although the card machine may connect differently (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS, Static), the system still operates in the same way.

The ‘How TO’ guide also gives a step by step picture diagram for each process. This proves beneficial for our customers and can save a call to our technical department.

All of our credit card terminals are preconfigured before dispatch, but in the event of installation of Bluetooth/Portable or Wifi terminals and need any further assistance or technical help with your terminal, please call 0845 459 9984. Follow the option for technical support and one of our advisors will be happy to assist with your call.

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