TouchBistro VS Toast

From full service and quick service to cafes and nightclubs, every restaurant is different.

We believe that there is not one end-all be-all solution for every restaurant.

That’s why Toast allows customers to customize their setup completely, from the various types of hardware to the exact front of house and back of house workflows.

For example, with Toast’s Android tablets, restaurant owners have flexibility when it comes to form factors. That means they can choose 7”, 10”, 15”, or 22” tablets depending on their restaurant needs.

What’s more, Toast empowers restaurant owners to make changes on the fly.

You do not need to be in the back office. You do not need an on-site IT technician to visit your location. You do not need to pause service as you sync your systems.

All you need to do is press “update.”

Here’s a taste of what you can do in an instant:

Easy menu modifications

In the restaurant environment, we know that a situation can change very quickly; your staff needs to be adaptable. Toast's Quick Edit Mode allows staff members with the appropriate permissions to quickly make changes from any tablet that sync across all of them, without having to reboot the system.

Comment on an order

Toast employees and managers can comment on specific orders or checks, effectively keeping a "log" of all orders. If a server needs to void an item, they can create a comment and share why.

Automate your restaurant workflows

Have your orders go directly to the kitchen display system, with notifications on the server side when they're ready so your front of house and back of house communicate efficiently. In fact, why even separate them? It’s time for a “one-house” system.

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