Square POS kitchen printer

How to customize order tickets on the iPadConnect a printer to your device to print order ticket stubs for customers, or send order tickets to your kitchen.

If you accept pickup orders with the Square app on an iPad, you can also automatically print remote order tickets.

Turn On Order Tickets and Order Ticket Stubs

Order tickets will automatically print after every sale, even if a customer receipt isn’t printed.

Before you turn on Order Tickets, learn how to connect a printer to your:

Note: For printing orders in a kitchen, we recommend the Star SP742ML impact printer, which is designed to handle the high-heat environment of a kitchen. Impact printers don’t print receipts, only order tickets.

Once your printer is connected, follow the steps below to turn on Order Tickets:

  • Tap Settings > Printers.
  • Select a printer and toggle Order Tickets and/or Order Ticket Stubs on.
  • Select categories to print.
  • Choose whether ticket numbers will be auto-assigned or manually entered.
  • Transactions where you swipe a magstripe card or insert a chip card will automatically populate customer names on kitchen tickets if you’ve opted to manually enter text on tickets vs auto assign numbers.

    This will keep your lines moving quickly, as you won’t have to manually add names to order tickets.

    Printing to Multiple Printers

    If you’re using multiple printers, you can also send specific items to a selected printer. For example, send drink orders directly to the printer located at your bar. When configuring your printers, make sure to select which item categories will print for each one.

    To do so:

  • Tap Settings > Printers > select your desired printer.
  • Toggle Order Tickets on.
  • Select either Enter Customer Number or Name or Auto-Assign Ticket Numbers.
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