ShopKeep POS Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a new contactless form of payment. Customers can use compatible Apple devices to pay for purchases at the register. You can read more about Apple Pay directly from Apple.

How to Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay transactions are processed through your merchant services provider, just like credit card sales. If your MSP supports it, so can your business.

  1. Have a representative fill out our boarding form .

    Already have processing? Check with your provider to see if you’re able to accept Apple Pay.

    Current processing platforms accepting Apple Pay with ShopKeep:

    Chase Paymentech
    First Data Nashville
    First Data North
    First Data Omaha
    *Must use ShopKeep v2.9.6 or above.
    Heartland *Must use ShopKeep v2.9.6 or above.

  2. Set up the Ingenico ICMP or iPP320 credit card reader (purchase either here).
  3. Make sure you're running an updated version of ShopKeep.

    v2.8.0 or later for Chase and First Data. v2.9.6 or later for TSYS and Heartland.

How Customers use Apple Pay

Customers using Apple Pay will have it configured on their device beforehand. Accepting it at the register is even simpler.

  1. Select 'Credit' when ringing up a sale.
  2. Have the customer hold their device within 1″ of the credit card reader when ShopKeep displays “Swipe or Tap Card”.

    Apple’s Wallet app will open automatically, allowing the customer to select which of their cards to use.

  3. The customer’s iPhone will prompt them to scan their fingerprint (or code unlock) to approve the sale.

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