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We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, so how do so called “free” POS companies get away with those claims? Any business owner knows that value matters more than price, that you get what you pay for, and that anyone offering us something for free is making the money back somewhere.

So how do “free” POS companies make money? And how will choosing a “free” POS option affect your business long term?

How you pay for “free” POS

Generally, “free” POS offers are really POS financing offers. There is little or no up-front cost for the system but you will pay for it (with interest) over time. Sometimes this is in the form of a monthly fee but often, the payment for the POS is bundled in to your credit card processing fees. The first question you should ask if someone is offering you a “free” POS system is whether you are locked into processing credit card transactions with them and for how long. Chances are that you will be, and the fees may be much higher than other credit card options (because the cost of the POS is included).

Shop around for merchant services

If a company offers you a “free” POS system for using their merchant services, shop around a bit. Compare the transaction fees they are offering to those of competitors and then do the math. How long are you locked in with them? What’s the cost difference over time between using their service versus competitors?

Shop around for financing

What “free” POS providers are really offering you is financing. Financing the POS investment is a great option for new businesses that have already made a lot of large cash outlays. But it’s important to understand what you’re getting. Once you realize that this system isn’t free but financed, you can make a better decision and choose the best, most cost effective financing option. Interest rates are low right now, so a leasing company, bank, or competitive POS company will likely have low cost financing options to offer.

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