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The core application offers everything a food service business needs to effectively manage orders, employees, and inventory. Every configuration of Restaurant Manager includes basic table management software that allows restaurants to manage table seating assignments and table cleanup directly from the POS stations. To help businesses manage tables more efficiently, the table manager includes software that calculates the approximate wait time for each occupied table.

Broad Audience

Restaurant Manager POS offers order recording, processing, and billing software for businesses in the restaurant industry. Choose from predefined configurations or custom design a configuration based on the needs of your business. Predefined configurations include:

  • Bars and nightclubs;
  • Pizza and delivery;
  • Quick service restaurants; and
  • Table service.

Bars and Nightclubs

The bar and nightclub configuration easily keeps up with this fast-paced ordering environment. On-touch speed menus make it easy for servers to order and charge the most commonly ordered drinks. One-swipe credit card authorization gives bartenders the ability to start tabs and process payments with no hassle.

Manage drink promotions and happy hour with automatic and user-defined price setting. Keep tab customers buying by keeping track of which customers have open tabs and what drinks they are ordering.

Ensure accuracy in mixing and charging for specialty drinks. Restaurant Manager POS for bars and nightclubs includes access to the Bartender’s Bible for easy reference.

Video tracking reduces loss and theft with video monitoring at key POS stations.

Pizza and Delivery Operations

An intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen system allows servers and cashiers to enter custom orders quickly. One screen handles everything from pizza size and crust type to toppings, combination orders, and specialty items, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Online ordering combined with advanced ordering ensures orders are filled quickly so they can be delivered quickly. In-depth order tracking makes it easy to label orders with customer name and contact information, time elapsed since the order was placed, and driving directions. This type of integration provides for fast and error-free delivery. The order tracking software helps keep all orders on schedule with an alert system that activates for orders that aren’t out the door in a specified amount of time.

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