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Close your eyes and picture the stereotypical POS reseller. I’m guessing you were imagining someone in his 50s or 60s, maybe even older. If that’s what you were thinking (be honest – I bet you even pictured them with thinning gray hair), you would have had an eye-opening experience at LavuCon 2016, the annual partner conference for iPad POS vendor Lavu.

Of the approximately 60 resellers who attended the Oct. 6-8 event, I would estimate half were in their 30s and a few were in their 20s. Everyone had a full head of hair except the two guys who were bald on purpose. The emergence of vendors like Lavu has attracted a younger, Apple-focused generation to our channel.

This message one speaker preached at the conference needs to reverberate throughout our entire industry: “Things change. Resist it, fight it, hate it, ignore it, deal with it, embrace it. But you will not stop it. If you don’t like change, you’re going to hate extinction.”

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