Commonwealth Bank change International transfer limit

There’s no limit on the amount you can transfer between your own CommBank accounts, however a daily limit applies to all other transfers.

To see your limits in NetBank go to . In the CommBank app, open the app, tap on the menu in the left hand corner and select Settings then Payment limits.

You can change your payment limits in NetBank and the CommBank app at any time. If all your limits are set to $0, you’ll need to call us to increase them again. Increasing your daily limits may increase your liability for unauthorised transactions.

The maximum limits you can apply online are:

Transfer Type Maximum Amount
Transfer to unlinked accounts*$20, 000
BPAY (bill payment)$100, 000
International Money Transfer (IMT)$2, 000

If you require a higher limit than you’re able to set in NetBank, call us on 13 2221. The maximum limits that we’re able to apply for you are:

Transfer Type
$50, 000

Note: To be eligible for these limits you'll need to be registered for NetCode SMS or Token security.

* An unlinked account is any account which doesn’t appear in your NetBank profile, such as CommBank accounts not in your name (like your friends' or business acquaintances' accounts) or accounts held with other financial institutions. A linked account appears in NetBank with details like balance and transaction information.

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