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gourmet-labs-order-onlineAloha Point-Of-Sale software is one of the industry leaders in restaurant POS systems and most restaurant owners have some familiarity with the system. Its convenient, integrated touch-screen systems offer competitive benefits for independent restaurants, local franchises and national chains. Critics of the software feel that the costs are too high, and customers must pay for every upgrade. However, Aloha, like Micros, has a long history in the restaurant industry, causing a wide range of opinions.

Who Uses Aloha

Large operations and chain stores gain many benefits from Aloha software, but smaller restaurants might consider other options or buy limited versions of Aloha for their immediate needs. The Aloha brand has been around for years in the restaurant industry, and many owners have pretty passionate views about the system. But Aloha, in its current form, is a result of the combination of several POS systems.

NCR, one of the biggest ATM makers, recently completed the acquisition of Radiant Systems, the developer of Aloha, and the company offers commercial restaurants new hardware and software options for comprehensive restaurant management. This benefit creates a double-edged sword: the company actively encourages hardware sales, generating implementation costs that exceed some owners’ resources.

Touch-screen Efficiency Reduces Training Time

Most POS systems make it easy for staff to learn how to use them, but Aloha surpasses industry standards by offering more than 300 training modules to educate employees and management teams. However the sheer volume of training might send a manager’s head spinning. Luckily, you only need a fraction of them to be a proficient user. Getting the most from the three systems offers benefits in four key areas of restaurant operations:


Faster processing speeds empower real-time seating strategies, incorporate customer requests and give more accurate waiting-time estimates.

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