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You would never undersell the importance of managing the revenue of your restaurant. So why would you continue to use an outdated cash management system? A more advanced Point of Sale (POS) system could provide greater efficiency, lower costs, improved customer service, and a better working environment for your employees. They're commonplace in most of the good restaurants today.

Restaurant POS systems do much more than ring up goods and print receipts. Many of them track inventory, generate purchase orders, verify credit cards, and keep personnel records. Of course, you may not be looking for a POS system that can do all of that. You may just want something simple that allows you to remain confidently in control of the money passing in and out of your restaurant.

POS systems for restaurants can be outfitted with numerous functions and features. What you need depends on what type of place you have; perhaps you run a bar, night club, fast food restaurant, café, full service restaurant, or fine dining establishment. Each type of establishment has its own restrictions and needs.

Among the most common system components are:

  • POS computer
  • Restaurant POS software
  • Cash Drawer
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Customer Display Screen
  • Keyboard

No matter what POS system is right for your business; you can count on it to keep things running smoothly. The benefits of a restaurant POS system include:

  • Improved Time Management: Help coordinate business activities between workers in different parts of the restaurant, such as the kitchen, bar, and wait staff. For example, when an order is punched into the computer the appropriate sales slip is printed out for the bartender, appetizer preparer, and cook, so no time is wasted running between stations. Because handwritten notes are eliminated, you won't get tripped up on penmanship.
  • Real Time Tracking: Keep tabs on food usage, what menu items are hot (and not), payroll, bookkeeping, sales reports, stock, inventory, profits and losses, sales tax, and many other types of data.

Restaurant POS System Prices

Owing to the numerous features available on POS restaurant systems, costs can vary considerably. The prices below, however, should give you a reasonable idea of how much a POS system for your restaurant will run. To get an accurate estimate, and we will connect you with leading POS system companies in your area.

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