Trafalgar Square Post Office phone number


24/28 William IV St
London WC2N 4
020 7484 9307

Now this is a Post Office! Open and well designed, plenty of counters and self-service kiosks and quite possibly the best way of queuing. Grab a ticket according to the service type you're looking for and wait for the number to be called. The multiple screens show your place in the queue and you can just relax and wait. And what's better about this system is the dedicated counters will prioritise people waiting for their services but will deal with normal customers as well. I went for a Driving License Renewal and they've got a new machine that takes your photo and links it to the post office service. The guy was helpful and efficient although I must say, his estimate on when I'd get the license back was a bit off, he said roughly 3 weeks and I got it in 3 days! Don't think I'm going to mark the post office down for that one though! So in summary, great services, clean, open and well stocked.

Better foreign exchange rate than any of the other places (not including the black market).

The future of Post Office stores, I reckon. When I walked in here on Saturday, I thought I had walked into the wrong store. There are sofas in here! You get a ticket like at the deli counter at a supermarket. There's no need to queue and you hang around until your number is called. There are self weighing machines to avoid having to use counter service. I was after some Royal Wedding presentation packs and I was served quickly, courteously and efficiently. I think the Post Office has made a big effort to improve the customer's experience at this branch and the hard work has paid off.

Amazingly easy to mail an international package. Walk in, grab shipping materials, and head over to the automated kiosks. Two minutes later and you're out.

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