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Square Stand and connected hardware accessoriesIf you’re having trouble with your Square Stand, the following tips will help you get back to accepting payments quickly.

Note: Be sure both your Apple iOS and Square app are up to date.

Square Stand Payment Issues

If you experience issues swiping payment cards with the Square Stand, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you’re processing an accepted card and that you’re swiping the card smoothly through the reader track. You can also try troubleshooting the reader for Contactless and Chip. Keep in mind transactions must be at least $1.00. Transactions must be at least $1.00.
  • Try swiping a different card. If the Square Stand successfully processes other cards, encourage your customer to contact their card-issuing bank.
  • Force quit the Square app, then re-open the app.
  • Note: Before uninstalling, make sure you’ve uploaded any payments accepted while in Offline Mode, or you’ll lose those uncompleted payments.

Square Stand Charging Issues

When Square Stand is properly connected, you’ll see the charging icon appear in the top-right corner of your iPad screen. If your iPad isn’t charging, try these tips:

  • Make sure the Square Stand is plugged into the accessories hub and that the power adaptor is plugged into a grounded AC outlet.
  • Gently unplug and firmly replug in the power adaptor.
  • Try plugging the power adaptor into a different outlet.
  • Remove the iPad from the Square Stand. To do so, remove the security screw or pin, then press the eject button located on the underside of the iPad enclosure.
  • Update your iPad to the latest version of iOS and the Square app.
  • Push down on the Square Stand connector one time, and then re-insert the iPad into the Square Stand.

iPad and Square Stand Connection Issues

If your iPad and Square Stand aren’t communicating, try the one or more of the following tips:

  • Update your iPad to the latest version of Apple iOS and the Square app.
  • Make sure the Square app recognizes the stand. To do so, visit your in-app Settings. If Square Stand is listed, it’s connected.
  • Confirm your iPad recognizes the stand. To do so, double-tap the home button on your iPad. Tap Settings > About. Square Stand will be listed if it’s recognized. If you don’t see Square Stand listed, unplug the stand from its power source, remove the iPad from the stand, and plug everything back in.

Square Stand USB Attachment Issues

Square Stand integrates with supported receipt and kitchen printers, cash drawers, and bar code scanners to create a complete point of sale. If you experience issues connecting any of your USB hardware accessories to the Square Stand, try the following tips:

  • Make sure the Square Stand is firmly plugged into the accessories hub, and that the hub is plugged into a power adaptor. The power adaptor should then be plugged into a three-pronged outlet.

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