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Creating an item lets you set some basics like price and quantity available. It also opens up data tracking like who sold it, who bought it, and how much you make on it.

1 Click Items and select Items List.

2 Click Add Item to create a new item.

Or, select an existing item to modify or delete it.

3 Enter some general stock item information.

Name | The name cashiers see at the register and customers see on receipts.

Department | General grouping for organization, ticket printing, and reporting.

Category | Specific subgroup within a department.

SKU | Auto-generated code used in ShopKeep Label Printing.

Priced | How the register rings up the item price.
In BackOffice – Pre-set price entered in BackOffice when creating the item.
In Store – The cashier enters the price at the register when selling the item.
Unit Price – A fixed price for each unit (oz, lb, ft, etc) sold.

Taxable | Yes or No. Controls whether or not tax is charged on the item.

Tax | Select an item-specific tax rate to override the default rate.

UPC | 8, 12, or 13 digit barcode from the product that can be scanned at the register.
UPC codes cannot begin with a 2, 4, 5 or contain any letters.

Track Inventory | How the system tracks the item’s quantity.
True – ShopKeep keeps track of the item’s quantity & cost.
False – Cost & quantity are not tracked, but still available in reports.

Quantity | How many of the item are in stock.
Once the quantity reaches 0, it becomes negative if the item continues to sell.

Liability | Check this if the item is a liability like a gift card or gift certificate.

4 Click Save to create the item and visit Additional Details.

Tap Delete in the lower left to remove the item and start over.

Supplier | Who, if anybody, supplies the product to the business.

Supplier Code | Any reorder code associated with the item.

Reorder Trigger | Low-quantity limit that, when reached, prompts the item to appear on the reorder report.

Recommended Order | How many of the item is considered “fully stocked”.

Cost | When Track Inventory is True, this is how much the item costs you to sell.

Register Status | Active items appear for sale on the register, inactive items cannot be sold at the register.

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