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This is not a review to slam the shopkeep pos itself, however, beware their sales reps will tell you ANYTHING and yes LIE to you to buy their system. I know of many people who use shopkeep and were extremely satisfied. I'm very familiar with pos systems so I had shopkeep at the front of the pack when searching for my store's needs. After extensive research I learned shopkeeps card terminal DOES NOT force debit card pin customers to enter their PIN number because it charges everything as credit. Therefore if a customer has a stolen emv debit card and uses it in your store/business, YOU THE MERCHANT, are responsible for the transaction and it WILL BE a chargeback to you. Understand, shopkeeps pos is emv compliant, that's not my concern, there's DIFFERENT LEVELS OF COMPLIANCE, and an emv card terminal which processes emv and pin cards and forces customers to enter their PIN number, known as emv and pin terminals are THE MOST COMPLIANT and the merchant will never have to worry about a chargeback with this type terminal. AND THAT IS WHERE SHOPKEEPS FAILS AND all their LIEING teenage sales reps especially Peter will tell you, you're covered and you're not. They LIE so much they even sent me an article describing how I'll be protected against counterfeit cards, WHERE THAT WASNT MY CONCERN, MY CONCERN WAS LOST/STOLEN CARDS. They will lie and switch things around and if you don't know what you need or are not educated in pos systems you'll be taken and they don't care. And for that experience I believe other comments posted here about their horrible/lied to experiences as well. Needless to say I went with someone else. Buyer beware.

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