Shopify POS order numbers

7 months ago

If you have an Online Store and POS on Shopify you will have noticed by now that each of these 'locations' numbers their orders separately (POS with a '#1-' prefix). So far so good, as it allows you to track orders coming from each location. And for book-keeping issues it is not a problem as (at least in the UK) you can keep invoice 'series' as long as each one is numbered sequentially. The problem arises with the Online Store order numbering. After the POS is installed, the order numbers (and subsequent invoice) for the online store are no longer sequential.


Let's imagine the latest order number in the online store is #1000. We now had two (2) sales on the POS. The next online sale will now appear with the number #1003 instead of #1001, which would be the logical numbering sequence for the Online Store. The system seems to be taking into account the number of previous POS sales and adding them to the Online Store order numbering. The POS order numbers are correctly sequential.

By law in the UK (and as far as i know throughout Europe) all invoices need to be sequentially numbered from day one of a company issuing them. Which is logical. If you're audited by the tax authorities they want to follow the trail of the sales you've made and will enquire for the whereabouts of missing invoice numbers. Which aren't really missing as they never existed! And it's a long shot to hope a tax inspector will be knowledgeable of programming intricacies to forgive something that's written into the LAW as a book-keeping obligation. A fine and possible prosecution will surely ensue.

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