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Lightspeed seemed like a good solution for my small business after doing some research and speaking with their salesman.

What they don't tell you is that they rush you into a sale with an offer that "expires" in the near future. They don't give you an opportunity to test the product to see if it will work for your business. In our case, we asked very specific questions about the management of multiple repairs for a single customer to which our salesman assured us their product could handle. Unfortunately it could not without adding numerous steps to the process thereby making it extremely inefficient and prone to human error.

Their solution was to use specific functionality like "layaway" to circumvent their own products flow. After several sessions with their orientation specialist (spread out over sever weeks due to their limited schedule), even she said that their product can't really do what we need it to the way we need it to.

During the sales cycle, we told the sales man numerous times that we do not print paper receipts; we email receipts to our customers in order to be more environmentally friendly and therefore do not need/want a paper receipt printer. The salesman "gave" us a cash drawer as a part of our sale but the catch is that you have to have a receipt printer for the drawer to work.

There are several other issues similar to the ones above where we were mislead into paying the upfront fee. Now that we've figured out that the Lightspeed product will not work and we'd like a refund, their customer service is nowhere to be found. They do not respond to email in a timely manner (usually weeks) and do not respond to calls.

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