Lightspeed POS Login

There are two employee login types that are available in Lightspeed Retail.

External login
  • logs in with a username and password
  • should be given to trusted employees only
  • can access Lightspeed Retail from any device with an internet connection when the Lightspeed Retail session is closed.
Access PIN login
  • logs in with a personal identification number
  • accesses the account locally from a Lightspeed Retail session that was opened by a user with external login rights.

Important: It is important that there is an employee available with external login rights in case an employee accidentally closes the Lightspeed Retail session. For how to switch users from Lightspeed Retail's Main Menu, click here. There are also General Options settings that can help protect against users performing tasks under another username by requiring a PIN after a specified amount of time or to perform certain tasks, such as completing a sale.

To set an employee's login credentials

You must have Employee Setup admin rights to set an employee's login credentials.

  1. On the Main Menu click Settings > Employee Setup and click the employee you want to access.
  2. On the left menu click Sign In.
  3. For Login Name enter a valid email address as the employee's login name. If the employee has external login rights, this is the username for logging in. A valid login name (email address) is required for all employees, even those who do not have external login rights.
  4. For New Password enter the password associated with the employee's login name when logging into the Lightspeed Retail account externally.
  5. For Access PIN enter the employee access PIN that will be used for employee clock in and out, and to switch users in the system.
  6. Click Create Login and Save Changes.

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