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It’s official. Lightspeed Retail POS is now available in Australia. Retailers in Australia are already discovering that our solution is much more than the average point of sale software; it’s a centralized management system that gives them an overview of all aspects of their store and is changing the way they do business. Australian retailers now have access to the POS software that does it all, from managing inventory to producing real-time reports and scheduling employees.
Whether you have a single brick-and-mortar store or multiple locations, read on for an overview of what Lightspeed Retail can do for your business.

Manage stock with ease
Regardless of the nature of your business, you should never have to struggle to keep tabs on your inventory. With in-depth inventory management capabilities, retailers will now be able to have a full handle on their back room straight from their POS system. Categorize and organize items, and replenish stock levels with the touch of a button with Lightspeed’s easy-to-use interface.

Keep your business on track with real-time data
Analytics are key to better serving your customers and growing your business. Our POS allows you to pull up a variety of reports that give you a comprehensive view of sales, customer preferences and more. With a better understanding of what’s selling well and how shoppers behave, you can identify trends and make important business decisions based on facts.

Pre-loaded catalogs
One feature that really makes our retail solution stand out from the rest is its pre-loaded catalogs. With over 8 million items from some of the world’s largest vendors at your fingertips, you can browse and order industry-leading products right from your POS.

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