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CandidatureJ'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 2+ mois. J'ai passé une entrevue à Lightspeed (Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)) en juillet 2016.EntretienProcess took 2+ months, I extended time because of the summer time I had a 10 days vacation after we start, I think normally it would take 1 month. 1 Recruiter, 1 HR Manager, 1 Technical Meeting, 5 days Assesment 2 Reference calls after 3 or 4 days from reference calls/check they gave the offer. They are very kind people all the team you will like them. They are responsive and wants to you to there, and tries to do everything to get you to there. Just be yourself and know team play, best practices. Do your best for the assesment. They gonna dig the code that you write in any aspects from code quality to design principles, tests to the technologies that you are used for the project, and extensive documentation is a plus. All process are remotely done. They gonna help you for relocation and they give you a budget up to 2000€ to relocation fees. If you give them receipts you will get your money back about reimburshment.Questions d'entretien d'embauche
  • Mostly behavioural questions about team work, refactoring and coding styles. Mostly they check you whether are you suitable for the team or not. Actual test is the assesment. 1 réponse
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