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In order to install and successfully run the Lavu Local Server software, certain hardware is required. In addition to the required hardware, it is recommended that an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) be utilized to prevent damage to the hardware or software when sudden loss of power occurs at a location.Required Equipment:IMPORTANT NOTE: The minimum memory requirement for the Apple Mac mini to run the LLS is 4 GB (higher volume locations should have 8 GB minimum).2. Ethernet Cable. It is required that the Mac mini be connected via Ethernet cable to the router providing the wireless network for the iPads running POS Lavu.3. Mouse, Monitor, and Keyboard. These items do not need to be consistently connected to the Mac mini once the LLS has been installed. However, for the installation process, any future updates, or troubleshooting, these peripherals may be required to control the Mac mini. Other options include remote login and screen sharing software.Highly Recommended Equipment:1. Battery Back-Up. Power outages can occur without warning and can cause severe damage to hardware and software. To help eliminate this type of issue, Lavu highly recommends that the LLS utilize an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A recommended UPS can be purchased from Zephyr Hardware, follow the link below:

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