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Excessive SurchargingGoPayment is a mobile credit card processing service from Intuit that allows a user to process credit card transactions from an Apple or Android-powered device such as an iPhone or Droid.

What You Will Really Pay

Intuit's past use of bundled pricing and excessive surcharging will result in higher than expected charges. CardFellow has analyzed countless GoPayment processing statements, and the typical effective rate is between 3.25% - 4.25%, which is significantly higher than Intuit's advertised rates would suggest.

Note that Intuit's new "flat rate" pricing structure may alter the average effective rate, but we can't specify how as Intuit hasn't been forthcoming with information about the new rates. We reached out to Intuit to ask about the charges. That exchange is detailed below:

[CardFellow]: Are there any extra fees other than what's posted on the pricing page? I've seen warnings online about things like "non-qualified" transactions and stuff. What are those?
[removed]: The Non-qualified transactions were our old fee structure. The only fees for our current service are the only ones listed on our site.
[CardFellow]: Okay, great, so if I swipe a credit card with the GoPayment reader thing, it'll be the 1.6% and 25 cents each transaction?
[CardFellow]: It doesn't matter if it's reward cards or whatever?
[removed]: Yes, that's the swipe rate for the Monthly plan. Reward cards have an additional $.15 authorization fee charged by the bank.
[CardFellow]: Okay
[CardFellow]: Is there anywhere that lists all the fees like those ones?
[removed]: No, it's only what's located on our site.
[CardFellow]: Okay, so then there will be extra fees though?
[removed]: No, just those fees.
[CardFellow]: Okay, thanks
[removed]: You're welcome. Have a good day.

Here we see that Intuit in one breath tells me that there are additional fees (in this case, a $0.15 charge for rewards cards, which is not disclosed anywhere on their site) and in the next breath tells me there are no fees other than what’s published on the site. I decided to try a more direct approach with a follow up chat with a different agent.

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