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Because converting a POS system to EMV can have significant impacts on all levels of a retailer’s business operations and technology networks, integrators and VARs will be called upon to support the planning and implementation process, including testing and conducting small-scale pilots prior to full rollout. Here are some factors to consider as merchants prepare for the shift:

New Requirements
In the U.S., specific EMV chip card requirements will be defined by the major multi-payment networks. Until each payment network releases its final EMV requirements, EMV migration (and the POS upgrades it will require) cannot begin. Integrators and VARS should help their merchants and retailers plan and prepare by asking:

  • Do you fully understand the EMV requirements as communicated by the payment networks?
  • Are you aware of the early conversion incentives being offered by card brands?
  • Do you know your liability shift dates?
  • Do you know your financial and legal exposure in case of fraud?
  • New POS Hardware
    Because PIN pads and payment terminals are integrated with a merchant’s POS system – and very likely to other value-added applications such as loyalty programs and gift cards – system integrators and VARs should help customers make appropriate hardware and software decisions by asking:

  • Are you scheduled to replace existing terminals or PIN pads for maintenance or expansion purposes?
  • Are you planning new loyalty or other programs that might benefit from changes to the POS?
  • Should you future-proof new EMV-ready POS by incorporating contactless, NFC mobile, and/or dual-interface card acceptance capabilities?
  • POS Software Modifications
    Migrating to EMV can require significant software changes to accommodate EMV’s multiple-payment standards. Integrators and VAR should be prepared to dedicate development resources to these projects. At the same time, you can help your customers minimize migration’s time and complexity by asking:

  • How will EMV affect reverse POS transactions such as refunds, exchanges, chargebacks, voids and store credits?
  • How will you process EMV transaction during power outages (in offline mode)?
  • Will the changes require modifications in your settlement and accounting methods?
  • New Payment Options

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