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All Implemented Interfaces:public class ComboBox extends ComboBoxBase An implementation of the ComboBoxBase abstract class for the most common form of ComboBox, where a popup list is shown to users providing them with a choice that they may select from. For more information around the general concepts and API of ComboBox, refer to the ComboBoxBase class documentation. On top of ComboBoxBase, the ComboBox class introduces additional API. Most importantly, it adds an items property that works in much the same way as the ListView items property. In other words, it is the content of the items list that is displayed to users when they click on the ComboBox button.

The ComboBox exposes the ComboBoxBase.valueProperty from ComboBoxBase, but there are some important points of the value property that need to be understood in relation to ComboBox. These include:

  1. The value property is not constrained to items contained within the items list - it can be anything as long as it is a valid value of type T.
  2. If the value property is set to a non-null object, and subsequently the items list is cleared, the value property is not nulled out.
  3. Clearing the selection in the selection model does not null the value property - it remains the same as before.
  4. It is valid for the selection model to have a selection set to a given index even if there is no items in the list (or less items in the list than the given index). Once the items list is further populated, such that the list contains enough items to have an item in the given index, both the selection model SelectionModel.selectedItemProperty and value property will be updated to have this value. This is inconsistent with other controls that use a selection model, but done intentionally for ComboBox.

By default, when the popup list is showing, the maximum number of rows visible is 10, but this can be changed by modifying the visibleRowCount property. If the number of items in the ComboBox is less than the value of visibleRowCount, then the items size will be used instead so that the popup list is not exceedingly long.

As with ListView, it is possible to modify the selection model that is used, although this is likely to be rarely changed. This is because the ComboBox enforces the need for a SingleSelectionModel instance, and it is not likely that there is much need for alternate implementations. Nonetheless, the option is there should use cases be found for switching the selection model.

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