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Tech support work consists of assisting business owners with their credit card processing devices, whether they be standalone card swipe machines, mobile phone card readers, or - the company's main focus as of late - our full-fledged touchscreen Point of Sale (P.O.S.) systems (often via remote control of the PC).Working there taught me a few things about what business owners have to deal with and how they may - or in some cases may not - benefit from the point of sale services that these companies can provide.

Management will make sharp and often unpractical changes to the call flow by adjusting certain policies (for example, if you work in Tech Support, you are also expected to handle customer service/billing inquiries but customer service reps are not trained in tech support).

The environment is friendly and co-workers are often helpful in helping you with most issues.

The toughest part of the job, as with any call center, is when back-to-back calls roll in. You are expected to bring down call time, schedule callbacks with higher tiers of support (expect to send a LOT of emails - better organize your inbox with tons of filters), and transfer where necessary. When customer service is overflowing with calls, they then pour into the call queue for tech support. Expect to have to handle those.

Particularly if you work nights and enjoy computer work, call volume in the late hours is very low and you often are assigned menial tasks such as menu changes in a customer's P.O.S. system.

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