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Any loss of data, whether it's a personal computer, handheld device, or business computer brings a lot of stress. Loss of data on a POS system means losing customer transactions, menu settings, inventory, and more. Luckily, the backup process for **Aldelo** is simple. ## Step 1 ## Open the Aldelo software. On the opening screen, select **Back Office** ## Step 2 ## On the Back Office screen, select **Backup Database** ## Step 3 ## Select a drive and a location from the menu. We recommend keeping a copy on the computer ***and*** on an external drive. A USB thumb drive works well and can be placed in a safe location easily. ## Step 4 ## Confirm the backup location on the popup window and then wait for the backup to complete. Once the database has been backed up, click OK on the following screen. - We recommend backing up the database ***daily***, but weekly is also good. Any backup is better than no backup at all! ***Still having issues? We can help! We support what we sell!*** **POSGuys Technical Support**

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