What does EFTPOS Stand for in computer Terms?

Eftpos managing director Bruce Mansfield said, It s great to be partnering with Bell ID on this important project because they have an excellent international reputation in the dynamic area of mobile payments and tokenization .

Between March and May 2003, Sizemore came into the possession of the patient's eftpos card and purchased items and made cash withdrawals to a total value of $35, 204.

Cost factors are less significant for smaller and medium sized retailers who depend on standalone EFTPoS units rented from their merchant acquirer: here it will simply be a matter of swapping the unit for one with smartcard capabilities and no-one seriously expects banks to start charging a premium for that.

ENZ will continue to operate under its current branding, EFTPOS New Zealand, as a VeriFone company.

eftpos Managing Director, Bruce Mansfield, said the new capability would allow the safe making of eftpos payments across a range of digital platforms and applications being developed by Australian industry participants.

The bank details of future Eftpos users were then scanned, and transferred onto blank bankcards that were used at various ATMs around the world to withdraw money.

EFTPoS stood for electronic fund transfer at the point of sale, it was the cashless society ( and it was on its way.

On December 22, 2003, Kennedy used the resident's eftpos card to withdraw a further $500 from the resident's account.

Ring two items used at a supermarket checkout: Magnetic card reader, videotex, digitiser, CD-ROM, EFTPOS, mouse.

There were three primary activities, they said: Category Management (the demand side), product replenishment (the supply side) and a kitbag of 'enabling technologies' including EPoS, EFTPoS, EDI, video conferencing, e-mail and value chain analysis.

Customers across Australia have been unable to access their accounts by EFTPOS, phone banking or online.

INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONS Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1 Disclaimers I-2 Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2 Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3 Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3 EFTPOS Terminals I-3 II.

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