VeriFone 570 credit card Machine manually

Verifone Vx570 CommServerThe other day Martin and I were changing some things around on the computer shop’s network and we needed to modify the IP address of the credit card machine so it would operate properly on our new setup. While changing the Internet Protocol address isn’t very hard the issue we ran into was figuring out how to type a period after each octet of the IP. After some fooling around we figured it out and we have explained all of the steps below to modify the IP address of a Vx570 CC machine.

Verifone Vx570 Credit Card Machine Sales Screen:

The Verifone Vx570 countertop credit card machine is a great sales tool for stores all over the world. It provides a ton of functionality outside of simple credit card transactions. Below are simple instructions on how to modify the IP address on the Vx570 including how to type a dot in between octets of the Internet Protocol address.

Vx570 Configuration OptionsModify The IP Address Of A Verifone vx570 Credit Card Machine:

  1. Vx570 Configuration Screen: From the initial sales screen shown in the image above click the “*” key twice to open the screen shown below.

    Now click the F2 button to open the initial configuration screen on the Verifone Vx570 as shown in the below example image.

    Now click the far right purple button that has Reports right above it and is below the Calculator looking icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to show various configuration options as shown in the below example image.

  2. Vx570 Ethernet Config: Now click the F2 button to the right of IP and below Ethernet Configuration to launch the Verifon Vx570 Ethernet Configuration screen as shown in the below image.
  3. Vx570 IP Configuration: Once you are on the IP Settings screen displayed in the above example image you can scroll back and forth through the various settings that can be modified by clicking the F1 and F2 buttons. Once you come to IP Settings click the F3 or Edit button to modify the IP address. The initial screen that will display looks similar to the below image noting if the IP address is set as Static or DHCP.
  4. Vx570 IP Settings: Once you are on the IP Settings screen displayed above verify the IP Settings are Static and not DHCP.Verifone Vx570 IP Address If the IP Settings are set to DHCP then click the F3 button next to Edit and modify DHCP to Static.
  5. Vx570 IP Address: Once the IP Settings have been set to Static click the F2 button next to Next until you reach the screen displayed in the below example to modify the IP Address.

    Click the F3 button next to Edit to modify the IP address to display the below IP Address edit screen.

    Entering the IP address is what made me want to write this article since it took me a minute to figure out how to type a “.” or period. After I figured it out it makes total sense. To type a period or dot on the Vx570 click the 1 key followed by clicking the ALPHA button located in the middle of the top row of buttons. Once you have entered the IP address click the Green Enter button located in the bottom right corner to save the settings.

  6. Save Vx570 Settings: Follow the steps to get back to the main configuration menu while making sure to click any buttons that indicate the settings will be saved. Another item that may cause you problems is getting the Verifone Vx570 back to functioning as a credit card machine. Simply click the * button twice and then select the F3 button next to CREDIT/DEBIT.
Vx570 IP Configuration Vx570 Edit IP Address: Type A Dot

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