TouchBistro FAQ

  • Do you support the Star Kitchen Buzzer?

    Yes. TouchBistro version 6.1 and later supports the Star Kitchen buzzer.
  • I have printers from a previous POS. Will they work with TouchBistro?

  • I’m interested in the Pro version. Do I need to purchase a Mac Mini with the Server version of the OS?

    No. You need a Mac Mini with the typical consumer-level OS installed. The TouchBistro uses the Mac Mini in a server like fashion to store your restaurant data and keep all your iPads in sync. However, purchasing the server version of OS X is an unnecessary expense. See this document for complete details about TouchBistro's hardware requirements.
  • My printer ran out of paper before finishing the credit card slip. How do I reprint the credit card slip?

    Login as admin or a manager and tap Orders from the Floor Plan screen. Tap All Closed Bills. Tap the bill's associated Information icon. Tap View Payments. Tap Payment Info. Tap Reprint Slip.
  • Where can I get supplies for my printer?

    If you need supplies for your Star Micronics printers, TouchBistro would suggest the following: Thermal - 10 Rolls 80MM - 3 Inch Thermal POS Printer Paper 220ft 2 Ply - 50 Rolls of 76mm 2Ply POS Printer Paper Black & Red Ribbon SP700 - 3 x Star Black & Red Ribbon for SP700 Series Printer
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