Restaurant POS Software Mac OS x

For a checkout counter, there’s no need to replace the computer you’ve already got there. A Mac POS up front means there’s no new hardware you need to install, or to manage. Just access Kounta through your web browser and you’re on your way. Add tablets to bring the register to your customers and keep your lines down.

And let’s face it, you use a Mac because you like to use your computer, not tinker with it. You’re not interested in IT or computing and the Mac has long been the answer to that problem. And though you’re accessing your POS from your computer, it’s not actually an that you’re running. The Kounta software’s actually running on a server far from your store, in a datacenter on fully redundant, always backed up hardware. You don’t need to run costly and power-hungry servers that need constant attention; don’t want to deal with the tangles of cables cluttering your check-out counter. All that gets replaced with a modern, wireless, computing oasis where things just work and nothing gets in your way. Adding a register and locations is as simple as buying another tablet or desktop and filling out some fields in Kounta. Take your show on the road with a Macbook and a 4G connection: having Kounta means never having to stop using a Point of Sale for Mac.

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