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You will then see a few empty fields for API information. To find the required information, you'll need to login to your POSlavu account online. You can do so here. Then navigate to the Settings tab and click the API link.Here you'll find the API information needed to complete the form in your Open Dining Receiving Orders/POS Integration section. Plug-in the above values into your Open Dining Receiving Orders/POS Integration section and save your settings. We'll then upload your menu information (automatically) from POSlavu. Simply map your items by navigating to Settings > POS Settings and you're all set! For more information on mapping your items, refer here. Note: You will not be able to map modifiers/options, only main menu items can be mapped for POSlavu at this time. Do not be alarmed if you don't see POS values for options/modifiers in the drop-down menus provided. Also worth noting, there is not presently an auto-print feature for POSlavu. If you'd like to receive your orders by print, you will need to install the printer app independently on a Windows PC in your store.

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