Nissan EFTPOS card balance

1. How does my eftpos Gift Card work?
The eftpos gift card works just like your bank card, you simply swipe at the terminal, select savings and key in the PIN as printed on the back of the card. The transaction amount should be the same as or less than the value of the available funds on the card. If the transaction amount is more than the value, see question 9 for how to complete the sale.
2. Where can my eftpos gift card be used?
Quite handily, they can be used wherever eftpos is accepted right across Australia. Unfortunately it is not possible to use eftpos gift cards outside of Australia. Some retailers, at their discretion, may decline gift cards that are not their own but these are few and far between.
3. How do I know how much money is on my eftpos Gift Card?
To check the balance of your card, you can go to to view the balance online at any time or call our Card Services team on 1800 446 347 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm AEST/AEDST.
4. What is the expiry period on my card?
Your expiry date is printed on the back of your card which covers both activation and spend time. See Question 14 for further information about card expiry.
5. Are there any fees on purchases made with my eftpos Gift Card
None! Activation and balance checks are fee-free and we cover all fees associated with purchases so you can get the most out of your reward amount.
6. Is an eftpos Gift Card a Credit or Debit card?
An eftpos Gift Card is neither a Credit nor a Debit card. Eftpos gift cards are similar to gift vouchers or store cards whereby they are issued with a fixed, pre-paid, stored value amount as determined at the time of purchase. Eftpos gift cards differ from store cards in that they can be used anywhere eftpos is accepted, which is about 650, 000 locations across Australia. The value of any purchases made is deducted from the available amount until the card reaches a $0 balance.
7. Can my eftpos Gift Card be used for online purchases?
At this point in time, unfortunately, it is not possible to make online purchases with eftpos gift cards.
8. Can my eftpos gift card go into a negative balance?
No, eftpos gift cards can only be spent up to the value issued on the card. If you try to spend more than the available amount on the card, the transaction will be declined and a fee may be issued. See question 9 for more information on how to use the card on transactions greater than the stored value of the card.

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