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Intuit offers websites for $19.99 to $59.9. When you apply, they tell you they cannot help you unless you purchase their other websites for $600.00 and thereafter monthly payment of $100 per month. Then they will walk you through the process and edit your writing so you can draw the most customer attention. After they bill your credit card, they tell you: "We do not edit and whoever told you that made a mistake.” They tell you they have worked in your field so it is to my advantage to sign up with them. Months later, I am told they do not edit and they paste what you write (what a mess). You correspond with them via email and you are told frequently they cannot find the emails you've written to them.

After being totally frustrated, I asked for a supervisor and there is no one. They will tell you, “Don't worry, I will help you.” They give you a phone number and when I called, it's a voicemail and they do not return your calls! And the best of all, after this travesty is finished, I went in the internet and looked up my specialty - all of my competition is listed and not mine. When I emailed them and asked why my company is not listed, they come up with some legal terminology and said I had to register for their classes in "Advanced Website Training."

I emailed my rep and asked what do these classes have to do with my business not being listed? She emailed me back and quoted some excuse that made no sense. When I tried to sign up for this so-called class, the website said the classes were 12 hours long. When I asked for the agenda, it said: "There are no scheduled meetings!" So now I have a crappy website and no listings! What really gets me is I told them I really needed this method of advertising because my business is in trouble and I was signing up with them to save my business. They assured me this would increase my client base. How can that be when I'm not even listed? If you don't know the name of my company, no one will even see that website. Now, I am told they cannot help me any more and I have to join the class! Please help me.

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